Sunday, 24 March 2013



v  Cleaned and Dried one raw mango, peel of the skin and chop
v  1 cup grated jaggery approximately 100 gm
v  1 table spoon or little margosa flowers (neem tree flowers)
v  1 table spoon fresh coconut pieces finely chopped
v  3 -4 table spoon tamarind paste
v  Sugarcane pieces peel and chop in to small pieces
v  Tea spoon putanala pappu and chana dal
v  Almond, kaju and kismiss (optional)
v  salt to taste
v  Water 100-200ml


Mix all the ingredients mango pieces, tamarind paste, coconut pieces, jaggery, and sugarcane pieces. Add water to the mixture according to thickness. If you prefer thick chutney add 100ml of water. Garnish with almond kaju kismiss, putana pappu, chana dal and margosa flowers. Delicious Ugadi pachadi is ready to serve.

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